Virginia 'Jinni' Nastiuk -- BS. MS Software Management, Master Designer in Tailoring and Ladies Garment Designing, Founder of the Perfect Patternmaking system, Directing and assisting the engineers with computerizing her life's work.

Memberships: National Association of Professional Women; North Sound Professionals; Stitching Girls Society.

Jinni is an apparel Master-pattern Designer with the enviable reputation of more than 30 years of successful experience in the garment industry. And this PERFECT-FIT patterns program is the result of her dedication to this profession-- creating the optimum fitting for EVERY BODY TYPE!

With this program, Jinni provides solutions to your apparel-fitting dilemmas, giving you results you have not found through other means.
In addition to publishing several textbooks on patternmaking she has developed a pattern company -- Master Patternmaking, LLC.-- where "real people" with real fitting problems can be served.
Jinni has developed this perfect pattern-making system that truly works for every body type regardless of size, age, or posture characteristics -- including those with special needs. Just like the many thousands of her students and clients, you too, will benefit firsthand from her expertise. You can now easily create a complete and perfectly fitting wardrobe!

Sven Hakansson -- MSEE, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. Software Association of Oregon affiliation.
Gary DeHaven -- AA Electronics, Programming engineer, Customer Service, and Troubleshooting.
Donna Moody -- Beta testing, proof reading

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